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I create transformational learning experiences that empower individuals and foster societal change.


I envision a world where learning, healing, and liberation are intertwined and people utilize knowledge grounded in wisdom for both personal growth and collective empowerment. A space where societal structures are just and equitable and the dignity of every individual is valued and honored.

Abolitionist Teaching

Centering the dignity and humanity of learners from historically marginalized and oppressed groups. My work is focused on advancing educational liberation by dismantling oppressive systems and creating equitable, just, and transformative learning environments.


Compassionate Accountability

Holding individuals and organizations responsible for their actions with empathy and understanding. This involves acknowledging and owning mistakes and working towards resolution and restoration, rather than focusing on punishment or blame.


Healing-Centered Self-Care

Prioritizing restoring physical, emotional, and mental well-being, especially for those who experience systemic trauma or marginalization. It's about self-care that acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression, inequality, and injustice on individuals' health and wellness.

Joyful Liberation

Cultivating spaces where people can be their authentic selves without fear or discrimination. This means celebrating diversity, dismantling inequities, and valuing achievements, big and small. I focus on well-being, nurture creativity, and support personal empowerment within collective accountability and responsibility. 



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