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Stephanie Tellis



Stephanie Tellis is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and veteran educator whose work is grounded in social justice activism, specifically in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  She has delivered workshops, consulted with educators, schools, and non-profit organizations, and presented at numerous conferences which include the White Privilege Conference, Progressive Education Summit, New York Collective of Radical Educators Conference, Culturally Responsive Teaching Conference and the Annual Conference for Middle Level Education.  Stephanie is also the founder of Stephanie Tellis Educational Consulting, which is dedicated to helping educators build more inclusive learning environments through the use of diverse and equitable practices.


Stephanie is a graduate of the illustrious Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and minor in African American Studies, and Bard College with a Master of Arts in Teaching, 


Consulting Approach

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work can take many forms and it is often difficult to navigate the journey of utilizing theory to inform and impact practice.  My goal is to help educators and educational institutions strategically move the dial on DEI work taking place in learning environments, through the use of practical solutions rooted in the daily realities and challenges present in education.

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